Track usage of high-value tools and reduce FME exposure

Tool assignment, portability, and alerts for non-returned tools combined with the state-of-the-art “seek and find” feature creates cutting-edge solutions for tracking your high-value tools.

Traditional Tool Storage Solution Downfalls

Lost Tools

  • Low accountability
  • Increased non-productive time
  • Increased cost

FME Risk

  • Obscurity increases the risk of foreign material entering the work zone
  • Potential for significant equipment damage
  • Potential for costly downtime

Non-Productive Time

  • Excess time spent chasing tools
  • Manually ensuring tool return
  • Manual attempts for accountability

The SmartToolChest Provides:

Real-Time Visibility

  • Know you have the tools needed for the job
  • Track tool usage by technician 
  • Ensure all tools are returned

“Seek and Find”

  • Dramatically reduce foreign material risk 
  • Locate the missing tool using Smartphone and PDA


  • Reduce time spent chasing tools
  • Retain tracking of tool usage
  • Eliminate missing tools

Impact Your Bottom Line

  • Reduce Inventory Loss
  • Increase Accountability
  • Eliminate Inventory Cycle and Physical Counts
  • Reduce FME risk