Terms and Conditions​

Last modified on June 16, 2021


This agreement concerns the Rebound website, under the url reboundgo.com. It applies to any versions of the website (whether already created or to be created in the future) that the user begins or continues using after consenting to this agreement. It does not supersede any other agreements between the user or user’s organization and Rebound unless this has been agreed in writing.

Retention of Rights:
Rebound International, LLC, and its affiliate , retain all of their respective rights over the Intellectual Property associated with this website, user is merely granted a license to use this website, which may be terminated at any time, with or without prior notice, unless there is a specific contractual provision to the contrary.

Responsibility and Liability for Theft or Damage to Products
Responsibility for theft, damage, or mistaken removal of products is with the party leasing the SmartBox. The lessee has a responsibility to ensure that its toolpusher or other responsible person (or persons) oversees the leased SmartBox in such a way as to ensure that products are not damaged, and that all products removed are products it wishes to buy.

Responsibility for SmartBox
App users have a responsibility to not use the SmartBox in an unauthorized way. Unauthorized entry into the SmartBox is prohibited.

Data collection
The Rebound website and app will collect data about the usage habits of customers in order to improve our platform and our ability to serve our customers.

The Rebound site and app are subject to regular updates. Occasionally, this may result is disruption of services. Rebound is not liable for temporary disruption to services as part of updates intended to improve or otherwise reasonably test its platform. The foregoing shall not be construed as a promise of any particular timeframe for updates or any particular frequency of updates.

Policy Against Online Harassment
Rebound may offer the ability to make comments and give other feedback. Any such system is not intended to be used to harass other users. We realize that users may have strong opinions that they wish to express, but we ask that these opinions be expressed in a civil manner appropriate to the circumstances and venue. Refusal to abide by these norms may result in deleting of comments, disabling, suspending, or limiting of communicating functions, banning from the app/website, or other action as deemed appropriate. 

Impersonating another user is forbidden, and may open up an impersonator to criminal and/or civil liability depending on the circumstances. Each user has a responsibility to keep others from misusing their account, and a responsibility to keep cell phones and other means of accessing the account secure so that their accounts are not abused. Rebound is not liable for damage to users incurred by their misuse of the site.

Account Termination
Account termination may result in loss of data, inability to perform business functions, and other inconvenience. Rebound is not responsible for injury (monetary or otherwise) sustained as a result of account termination for wrongful behavior. Venue for all disputes related to this agreement shall lie in the state and federal courts located in Harris County, Texas, and Texas law (without regard to the conflict of law provisions) shall govern the interpretation of this agreement. The user of the website may terminate usage at any time provided this does not conflict with other contractual obligations the user has with Rebound International, LLC.