Eliminating the Gap Between the Digital and Physical Inventory Count

Rebound Dynamics SmartWarehouse provides you with real-time visibility of your on-hand inventory and combined with automated transaction records we will change how you view inventory

Traditional Inventory Management Downfalls

Data Divide

  • Lack of Trust in System
  • Excess “Safety Stock”
  • Costly Write-offs

Negative Inventory Impacts

  • Lost Sales
  • Duplicate Purchases
  • Non-Productive Time

Costly Manual Processes

  • Labor Intensive Cycle Counts
  • Multiple points of data entry
  • Minimum Accountability

The SmartWarehouse Provides:

Real-Time Visibility

  • Real-time System Validation
  • Accurate order allocation
  • Eliminate Cycle Counts

Reduced Operational Cost

  • Reduced NPT
  • Eliminate Lost Sales
  • Eliminate Duplicate Purchases


  • Verification of Transactions
  • Reduction of Manual Process
  • Time-Stamped Records

Impact Your Bottom Line

  • Eliminated the Data Gap
  • Experience Real-time Inventory
  • Reduce Operational Expense
  • Increased Accountability