Manage your remote inventory with full visibility and accuracy, in real time!

When your customer needs a product, they walk into the SmartBox, pick up the item, and walk out. Our system creates an automated time-stamped consumption record, and we capture a picture of the individual removing the item. It’s really that simple!

Traditional Inventory Distribution Downfalls

Brick and Mortar

  • High Overhead
  • Bloated Inventory
  • Large Capex


  • Inventory Loss
  • Customer Friction
  • Delayed Invoicing
  • High Cost of Servicing

Distribution Partners

  • Reduced Margins
  • Priorities Not Aligned

The SmartBox Provides:

Consumption –

  • Eliminate manual counts
  • See changes in consumption habits
  • Receive automated refill alerts

Real-Time Consumption Record with Photos –

  • Remove the friction between you and your customer over variances in inventory
  • Reduce inventory loss
  • Invoice when consumption happens

Single Trip Servicing of Inventory –

  • Reduce Non-productive “windshield time”
  • Know the replenishment need before you leave
  • Reduce the risk and liability of having your team on the road

Impact Your Bottom Line

  • Reduce Inventory Loss
  • Reduce Remote Inventory Service Cost
  • Eliminate Inventory Cycle and Physical Counts
  • Expedite Invoicing After Consumption