Smart MRO Solutions


The fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived, and we ignite new possibilities in the industrial supply chain.


Rebound enables supply chains in the maintenance, repair, and operations industries. We transform waste and inefficiencies with revolutionary products and software.




Difficulties Experienced

After decades of collective experience in resource-sensitive industries, our founders became increasingly frustrated by patterns of intensive labor, high inventory cost, and the inefficiency and waste in the MRO supply chain sector which shrink margins and create losses for suppliers and for customers.  We recognized these, among many others, as key sources of profit-losses:

Idea Generation

With these frustrations of inventory and supply chain management in mind, we began to develop a cloud-based MRO/SaaS Platform. This platform helps end-users, suppliers, and service providers to overcome the above pain points and enables them to improve their operations and business on a continuing basis.  


Shared Success

Since our launch, we've been thrilled to share our victories with others in the industry. Take part in our efficient solutions, and let your supply chain management troubles fade into a new era of automated processes.

How can the 4.0 industry impact your own business?

Our Story


Product Development

With patents secured, we worked to perfect our vision of a proprietary hardware, software, and firmware system. We developed a leading MRO/SaaS platform ("ReboundGO") to disrupt the traditional supply chain practices for your daily operation needs. These technologies can be applied to a wide variety of supply areas, whether warehouses, rooms, trucks, mobile containers, or beyond—across multiple industries. 

  • Bloated inventory at work sites and 12+ step delivery processes to replenish products

  • Supply chain losses from high inventory costs, plus frequent and inefficient last mile deliveries

  • Warehouse chaos, stemming from manual scanning, human error, miscounts, theft

ReboundGO: A SaaS Platform for MRO Supply Chain and Inventory Management 

With 24/7 real time visibility, on-site availability, and an automated procurement process, you can count on the ReboundGO platform for critical parts, PPE, tools and other MRO supplies.

In the post-COVID world, digitalization and visibility for supply chain become more important than ever before for an uninterrupted operation. By focusing on your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) needs, the ReboundGO platform provides many solutions in many forms.  End users, MRO suppliers and O&M service providers can finally work together on one platform to make the supply chain work smoothly. Deliver what you need, when you need it, and at the right location, all in more sustainable ways.



Whether you work at a remote site, local manufacturing floor, facility, storage room, or mobile fleet, our solution provides real time, 24/7 visibility. Keep track of products, critical parts, PPE, tools, other items for your daily operation needs. You, your suppliers, and your O&M service providers will see what, when, and where they need to supply.

On-Site Availability

With our platform, all critical parts and other daily needed items are available when you need them. Just grab and go, no paperwork needed! And there's no more manual scanning or manual counts – our system continually keeps track for you. Now the parts wait to be used by you, rather than you having to wait for parts.


Whether you use our platform to manage your inventory in remote sites or in your warehouse, our system will track every transaction: whether for your own usage, for sale, or for rental through our App. Nothing leaves our Smart storage options without notice, and all delivery tickets, invoices, and usage reports are generated for you.



With the ReboundGO platform, the “daily cycle count,” the labor-intensive “annual physical counts,” and 12+ procurement processes become a way of past.  With the push of a button on our app, your inventory will be fully counted in 5 seconds, so that your labor resources can be used for more valuable work.

ERP Integration

Our system can stand-alone or attach to your existing ERP system to enhance the functionality of its supply chain and inventory management. With constant auto-scanning and updates for your inventory, your operations can finally count on the data in your system.


Machine learning and AI not only automate many tasks for you, but they also provide analytics for your consumption data, inventory levels, maintenance records, and other helpful markers for your operations and business.


Next Steps

Vendors and Suppliers

Explore the ways that ReboundGO platform improves a number of your processes, including remote inventory management and warehouse management.

End Users

Explore the ways that our platform streamlines your procurement process, and provides on-site product availability, vendor management, and warehouse management.