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More and more companies are seeing sustainability as an area of competitive advantage. At Rebound, we believe that sustainable innovation is a key priority in our business model. Our platform helps companies to conduct their supply chain and operations in a more sustainable way: reducing waste, increasing resource productivity, and optimizing material usage and energy efficiency.  

By employing the ReboundGO platform, companies can substantially reduce CO2 emissions associated with last-mile deliveries, shorten the procurement process, reduce inventory, and increase operating efficiency, thus creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

Sustainable Alternative

What's possible with a ReboundGO SaaS platform and Smart products?

Real time inventory visibility: sites can keep track of inventory and plan ahead deliveries, rather than resorting to last-minute orders. 

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Reduced Carbon Emissions

Greener Processes


Less waste: with fewer deliveries there's less paperwork needed, and automated processes reduce paper use as well...

180 less trips to remote working sites every year, 

54,000 mile decrease in driving totals,

1881+ lbs less carbon emitted, and

2439+ lbs total pollutant reduction

Annual statistics averaged from 15 remote working sites in West Texas and New Mexico, calculated with average monthly data using figures provided by the EPA.


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