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Simplify Your Tool Storage

If you struggle to keep track of inventory in your tool-storing spaces, SmartToolChests are your solution. 

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Our SmartToolChest uses technology similar to our SmartBox to manage your tools used everyday. Reduce tool losses, increase productivity, and cut down accidents caused by FOD  (Foreign Object Debris)

Improve security and visibility with tagged, logged, and digitally rendered products in our platform. No part, however small, leaves without the SmartRoom tracking it.

This product provides accurate and efficient tracking of tool movements to significantly improve accuracy and security, increasing safety in critical industries: aviation, rail, defense, manufacturing, nuclear, and construction.

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  • Integration or stand alone applications:  The SmartToolChest can stand alone in your shop for tool management or can be integrated into your on-site SmartBox. This feature is especially useful for remote repair and maintenance applications such as gas turbines, wind turbines, and aviation.