SmartBox Value Proposition Estimator

Please Input These Amounts To Calculate SmartBox Savings:

Current Operations and Cost Assumptions

Annual Inv Value $0.00
Travel Time to Service (# of RT hrs) $0.00
Service Trips per Month (including unscheduled call-outs) $0.00
% of inventory adjusted monthly due to loss or customer relations $0.00
# of hrs per month counting and reconciling discrepancies $0.00
Lost revenue due to lack of inventory $0.00
Annual Cost to Provide and Maintain Remote Inventory $0.00


SmartBox $0.00
Initial set-up and training $0.00
Annual SaaS $0.00
First Year Total Investment $0.00

Cost Savings obtained with the SmartBox

Reduction of service trips by 50% $0.00
Full Accountability eliminates iventory loss and write-offs $0.00
Automatimated counting of inventory without human error $0.00
Ensure that needed product is on-hand for consumption $0.00
Annual Cost Savings obtained with the SmartBox $0.00
Annual Return on Investment
Year 1: 0%
Year 2 onward: 0%
Time to Recoupe Investment
Year 1: 0 months
Year 2 onward: 0 months