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The SmartBox
Powered by Rebound

An On-Site Solution for Supply Chain and Inventory Management


The average parts purchase takes over a dozen phone calls and emails before the part is delivered to the site. Even then, you can’t guarantee you’ll get the right part. Consignment boxes don’t work because there is no control of the product, and the refill times are unpredictable.


Using patented and proprietary technologies, the SmartBox from Rebound allow users to store products and assets on any working site, either in remote locations or on manufacturing floors. Our system will digitize inventory in the SmartBox 24/7. You can monitor your assets, conduct transactions, and check inventory levels anywhere and any time through our cloud-based platform using your mobile devices or PC. ​With the SmartBox, everything is always within easy reach. When you need a product, just grab and go. No scanning needed, and our system will take care of all paperwork for you.

How does it work? 


When we ship your first SmartBox, we add a traceable tag to each of your products, in the same way that you put a bar code tag on your product.

Our system will continually digitize and scan all products, keeping track of all transactions when products are taken out of or return to the SmartBox.

Through the Rebound Go app, you can watch product levels, monitor transactions, generate reports, produce delivery tickets, e-mail, and invoices.

When a product begins to run low—and you can decide what safe levels look like—the SmartBox sends a signal through our platform, reminding you and your suppliers to replenish more supplies. 

Supplies from your desired vendor arrive at our SmartWarehouse, where we tag your next products.

We deliver the tagged products to your site and transfer them into your SmartBox.

You are not charged by the vendor until you remove a product from the box, saving money at the site and transportation time for vendors, who no longer need to make repeated deliveries.

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  •  Storage space: fenced shelves, altogether creating 1360 cubic feet of possible storing space

  • Tracking: proprietary hardware ensures increased accuracy

  • Internal conditions: air conditioner and insulation. Users can plug in the SmartBox at their site to keep it temperature-controlled and all tracking systems in operation

  • Brightness: LED lights, outputting 4200 lumens of light

  • Security: electronic door locks are installed on each door, allowing workers to use passcodes to enter each SmartBox, and doors remain closed when not in use. Motion activated cameras capture interior activity.

  • Access: 3 ft. by 7 ft. doors in front and back, accessible for people and for forklifts


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