Rebound Values

OUR VISION: To enable industrial stakeholders through digital technologies.


OUR MISSION:  Provide effective and practical supply chain solutions using AI, IoT and analytics.


OUR CORE VALUES: Agility, Partnership, Openness, Entrepreneurship (APOE)



Innovation: we welcome new ideas from employees.

Passion: we hope that each day is not merely work but a way for each employee to spend time doing what they love.

Growth: by working within Rebound, employees have opportunities to grow in their skills and as people.



With our Smart products in play, your supplies are ordered in the right amount and at the right time. This setup means that fewer delivery orders are necessary. Digitized processes also help to reduce paper waste. In turn, we help reduce carbon emissions and create a more promising future for this generation and those to come. To learn more about our sustainability vision, click below.