Our Company

Rebound International LLC is a leading technology company dedicated to maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) supply chain and inventory management. The ReboundGO platform is a cloud-based SaaS platform using the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, and edge computing to enable stakeholders in the MRO and O&M sectors. 

Proudly based in Houston, Texas, Rebound was founded by leaders with over 170 years of collective experience in resource-sensitive industries. With this real world experience, we understand the shortcomings of current supply chain models.  Through leveraging digital technology and our history, we have successfully brought to the market this MRO/SaaS platform to all stakeholders in the industry.  





We utilize a cloud-based platform equipped to give you 24/7 vision. We hope that our innovative solutions solve many of your current MRO problems and open up new possibilities for growth in the future of your company. 

Our Mission

Like rising a phoenix from old ashes, we seek to ignite industries, bringing them out of decades of inefficiency into a new era of automated processes.

Executive Team


John Schneider

Chief Executive Officer


Fred Chow, Vice President 

Strategic Initiatives 


David Jung, Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer

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Clint Eubanks, VP/GM



Kelly Dowe 
Chief Financial Officer 


Danny Johnson, SVP
Global Biz Dev

Leadership Board